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Too much time and no friends I Looking Men

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Too much time and no friends

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Male friendship is a strange thing. Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxford, became widely known as an expert on friendship in the early s after theorizing that humans are Too much time and no friends able rriends maintain a finite number of friendships: For one thing, the number also includes familial relationships.

The innermost circle is, naturally, the smallest; outside of their spouse, most people only have about five intimate friendships. Recent research backs this up, too: So in an ideal world, how much time should you be spending with the people in each group? Life does get more complicated as we become adults.

Not 10, not even five. Everyone deserves to have at least a good friend or two in life.

Essentially, it Too much time and no friends that people who have the same interests will likely spend more time with each other. Maybe you love playing video games or having a good run around ho park every morning. Likewise, hashtags such as DungeonsAndDragons and woodworking will help you find individuals and entire groups who share the same interests as you on Twitter and Instagram.

There are so many online forums on the Internet — all you have to do is search for them. Friendship is not defined by physical proximity; the friends you make online are just as real as the ones you first met in real life.

Imagine you have 5, friends. Only a few people actually interact with you.

Spend more time with those you have meaningful connections with; these are the people who will stick by you until the end. Instead of tike on the goings-on of others, they would rather focus on their own thoughts and feelings.

And if you meet a new friend, introduce them to your other friends.