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Has my home survived? Would I be able to find a job?

Both Anja and Apoorva have extensive experience in dealing with refugees. Anja, 29, spent five and a half years processing asylum cases in the context of Swedish Governmental Refugee Status Determination.

Years later, and thousands of Syrian girls in amman away, she still remembers the face of a Sudanese man who broke down in front of her one day at the reception. He was desperately seeking help in finding shelter.

I was waiting to begin an interview, and he walked in as the recently hired Sudanese interpreter. He recounted gifls we had met under very different circumstances years before.

For a great number of Syrian Syrian girls in amman hosted in Jordan, the future remains uncertain and peace is still on some distant horizon. Jordan, struggling with economic challenges that have led to multiple protests, is one of the countries most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis.

SomeSyrian refugees have registered with the United Nations. However, the Government of Jordan estimates the actual number to be close to 1. We read so many articles about refugees.

Some people begin to see them as numbers, or even threats. But behind them there are personal stories, losses, tragedies. Every story is Syrian girls in amman, El paso sluts touches you in a different way.

Anja was recently moved by a terrible and detailed account of a young Yazidi girl who was abducted by jihadists from the so-called Islamic state ISIS in Iraq.

Sometimes stories are so traumatic that the interviewers face the risk to feel overwhelmed and desperate. But Anja has learned from her experience to keep a professional distance whilst being a comforting and personal presence.

Apoorva makes a clear distinction between 'empathy' and 'sympathy'. By empathy, she means listening, understanding and acting, rather than allowing herself to be overwhelmed.

This story was drafted with the kind support of Online Volunteer Nadera Bouazza. Aller au contenu principal.

Accueil In Jordan, supporting one of the biggest refugee-focused operations ever. Anja Ingabire is originally from Rwanda, now a Swedish national.

Apoorva Sharma is from India. Notre impact dans le monde. Raconter et redonner de l'espoir dans un contexte humanitaire difficile.

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