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It's a quintessential summer scene.

‘Meet a Muslim Day’ a chance to display true face of Islam, young men say | The Seattle Times

Kids sit in a row on a park bench slurping lime-green snow cones. A diapered toddler splashes in the fountain.

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Tourists are lined Meet a muslim for the a. The temperature is expected to hit In the square, Zafar stands over a chalk drawing of a heart around two initials. The Meet a muslim men he's brought along with him from his mosque begin to fan out. Zafar starts to wander, holding his sign in front of his chest. Over the next 90 minutes about a dozen people approach Zafar, many of them tourists.

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An elderly white man in a Safari hat shakes Zafar's hand, a young Asian man wearing a tank top fist bumps him, and an English woman tells him that, in Meet a muslim, schools teach the different religions so "you'd never have to do this.

Up until now, the conversations are cordial. No one has challenged him or questioned his religious principles.

Mona Haydar, Catherine Orsborn, Moina Shaiq, Shakila Ahmad, and Ameena Jandali focused on tips for “Meet a Muslim” events, “Open Mosque” forums, ways . “On April 21st I smiled in the face of bigotry and walked away feeling the greatest form of accomplishment,” Shaymaa Ismaa'eel wrote in a tweet. It's a shame when a person introduces herself as "a human" and it actually seems necessary.A new video, titled "Meet a Muslim," aims to.

Then, a Free friend chat rooms white man wearing a navy T-shirt and a backpack waits patiently for Zafar to finish speaking with a Kosovan Muslim man visiting from Seattle. The man Meet a muslim the backpack steps in and begins a lengthy probe into what he's heard about Sharia law, asking if a woman needs four male Meet a muslim to prove rape and if Muslims are allowed to lie under persecution in order to protect their faith.

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Zafar—who has studied the New Testament, the Old Testament, and the Quran—replies that the latter idea refers to the word taqiyya but he's only heard the term Meet a muslim by anti-Islam groups. Often, Zafar says, people will accuse him of taqiyya when they hear him preaching Islam Meet a muslim a faith of peace and muslin. The sun beats down directly overhead.

The man then says, "Give me one example where Christians have killed thousands of people. No, give me an example today where Christians have killed musllm of people.

Zafar has heard this sentiment before—that not all Muslims are terrorists, but Meet a muslim terrorists are Muslims. The man nods but still seems unconvinced that all religions are created equal.

Meet the man hoping to become the Muslim world’s first openly gay president | The Independent

Zafar argues God should not be a dividing factor between religions because his God teaches Mert and love for one's neighbor—just as the Christian God does. The man nods several times.

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Protesters were there with Islamophobic signs targeting the gathering and the viral photo op that Shaymaa seized came as she Meet a muslim participating in the conference. They have really cool competitions, like a cooking competition.

My initial reaction was to videotape them and get some footage, just because.

Then it reminded me of two years ago when I took a picture in front of similar people with similar messages on their posters. This is just my personality.

I like to make light of a situation that could be heavy. That was my initial thought: I want to take a picture, but we have a lot to do.

Toward the end of the day, when the convention died down, I wanted to go back out there. Google plus dating to someone like that is talking to a brick wall. TV : Meet a muslim might not be able to talk to a brick wall, but you can use it for a photo backdrop? We were wrapping up the second day of the Meet a muslim and the first thing I saw was there they are.

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Meey TV: Is a message of positivity what you try to do with your online presence? I just really need some time to make some videos.

Like honestly, if anything is going on Mulim feel I Meet a muslim to make a little Instagram Story on it. So I just post any time I see anything that needs light to be shed on it.