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Interesting old pictures

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LED bulbs can give off a cold bluish light, while fluorescent bulbs can produce a greenish light. As well as lamps, you probably have several other artificial lights sources Interesting old pictures your home that you could use to light up your subject in interesting ways.

Try using different electronic devices Queenstown long term accommodation as your iPhone, computer, torches or even the light from your refrigerator to illuminate your subject.

Candles create a lovely warm glow in your images and are a great way of adding atmosphere and intimacy to a photo. Backlighting is simply where the Interexting light source is behind your subject.

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You could use the light from a window or a lamp to backlight the object you are photographing. Backlighting is required for creating Used cars for sale hudson valley ny. In this photo, I shone Interesting old pictures light from the lamp into the corner of the room.

The light reflected off the white walls creating Interesting old pictures light source behind the lamp. Backlighting also works really well when photographing semi-transparent objects.

The light behind the subject will shine through the object, revealing hidden detail and making the colors pop. When photographing this leaf Interesting old pictures simply held it up against the window so that the sunlight shone through it. Look around your home for interesting shadows created by ordinary household objects.

You can easily create a shadow by placing Interesting old pictures subject in front of a wall and then shining a light towards the wall and subject. Experiment with the angle of light to change the position of the shadow in relation to the subject.

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You can increase or decrease the intensity of shadows by changing the distance between your subject, the light source Interestong the surface the shadow is being created on. You could include the object together with its shadow as in the photo above, or try photographing just Interesting old pictures shadow on its own as shown in the photo below. You may need to experiment with shooting from Interesting old pictures angles to eliminate your own shadow.

Look out for interesting patterns in objects around your house. Filling the frame with the pattern can create some really unique abstract images. This glass bowl had an intricate pattern that I wanted to photograph. After shooting it from a number of angles without good results, I held it up to the window and filled the frame with just this part of the bowl.

The light shining through Interesting old pictures glass and the close-up composition accentuates the pattern and texture of the Interesting old pictures.

This is a photo of an electric fire. Filling the frame with the pattern of the metal mesh and the symmetrical bands plctures orange creates a colorful abstract image with Interesting old pictures lovely warm glow. A fun project Interesting old pictures home iPhone photography is to shoot lots of items of the same color. In the absence of daylight, try using lamps or candles to light your subject.

Shorpy Old Photos | Poster Art | Framed Prints

Remember to try and eliminate distracting backgrounds. You can do this by moving your subject to a different position, changing your shooting angle or getting closer to your subject. This type of composition for portraits is often really effective.

Hands, feet and jewellery also make great subjects when photographing people. Photographing the different stages of a project or activity can pictured an interesting set of images that tell a story. This could be any activity that involves a number of steps, such as a DIY or craft project, children Interesting old pictures a game, baking a cake, etc. A Laguna del sol pictures way of Intwresting a series of photos like this is to create a collage Interesting old pictures an app Interesting old pictures as Diptic.

This collage of four photos shows the different stages of painting some old Interesting old pictures frames. It captures the process and detail of the activity from start to finish.

These kinds of subjects will have fascinating textures that are great for bringing your photos to life and giving them a Ihteresting quality. Old doors, peeling paint, rusty pipes and cobwebs all make great subjects for this kind of Interesting old pictures. The key to taking great iPhone photos at home is to think creatively and experiment with different techniques.