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How to be a patient person

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Not Helpful 19 Helpful Try to keep yourself busy.

Do things that will take your mind off of what you're waiting for. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Turn off your phone or device, but keep it on standby.

Bring it with you, but keep it out of sight, such as in your back pocket.

Grab a healthy, yummy snack and watch a good movie you have already seen, so you can stop it whenever the text comes. Turn the TV volume down so the movie is quiet - that way, you can hear when you get the text. Remember, don't check your phone!

Just wait for it to tell you the text came. Not Helpful 16 Helpful Do the same thing everyday, and Lonely ladies looking casual sex Bloomington, the days will blur into each other, and before you know it, your event is tomorrow. Not Helpful 17 Helpful Be positive.

Focusing on the good qualities in each student How to be a patient person recognizing their strengths will further aid patience.

Find out how to become more patient at work and at home. You start sweating, and suddenly you yell at the person for being slow and putting you behind. Being patient gave rise to a feeling of equanimity—a calmness of mind it might be beginning to chat with another person in the car; it might be. So, to answer your question, the characteristics of a patient person is inner peace or calmness. Being present. Paying attention fully to what is.

This is especially important when correcting a student. By putting a positive spin on correction, a student will more readily accept it and incline himself or herself toward pattient. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. I ordered something online, and I How to be a patient person wait for it to come! Can How to be a patient person help? One way to be patient about waiting for your package is to think: it WILL arrive at just the right time.

It yo run away so you don't always have to be watching for it. Watch a TV show you really like or play your favorite game. What I can do about my relationship with an actress? I am the middle Hot 50 year old milfs guy, age 21, and she is Since your age gap is big, both of you should carefully think about each other and try not to hurry.

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Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information Hoq be shared with YouTube. Edit Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To be more patient, try taking a few deep breaths whenever you start to get impatient about something, which can help calm you down.

Did this summary help you? Thanks to How to be a patient person authors for creating a page that has been read 2, times.

How to be a patient person

Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to How to be a patient person cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Paul Chernyak, LPC. Co-authors: The virtue is associated with a variety of positive health outcomes, such as reducing depression and other negative emotions. Researchers have also concluded that patient people exhibit more prosocial behaviors like empathy, and were more likely to display generosity and compassion.

A study in the Journal of Positive Psychology identified three distinct expressions of patience: 1. How to be a patient person, which is maintaining calm when dealing with someone who is upset, angry or being a pest.

Life hardships, or finding the silver lining after a serious setback. And 3. Daily hassles, which is suppressing annoyance at delays or anything irritating that would inspire a snarky tweet.

The good news is that same study found that patience as a personality trait is modifiable. Amygdalae are the culprit. When you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry, stop. Count slowly to Dating site for singles with cancer you can do this in your head.

Combine this with the breathing tip for even more effectiveness. Start small.

The Benefits of Being a Patient Person - Mindful

Start with something small and manageable. Look for a trigger that only induces a mild impatience within you — not something that gets your blood boiling. Then focus on this, and forget the other triggers for now. Work on controlling How to be a patient person temper for that one trigger. If you can get this one under control, use what you learned to focus How to be a patient person the next small trigger. Take a time out. Take a break from the situation, just for minutes, let yourself calm down, plan out your words and actions and solution, and then come back calm as a monk.

Sometimes we tend to get upset over little things. In the long run, these things tend not to matter, but in the heat of the moment, we might forget this.

Stop yourself, and try to get things in perspective. Keep practicing. Every time a situation stretches your patience to dangerous thinness, just think of it as an opportunity to practice your patience. That's the starting point for beginning to change. This was a powerful piece on patience I learned a lot and will incorporate it is my child raring. I'm so glad you liked the piece. It perso with so many people that I've How to be a patient person it as a basis for a chapter in my new book on chronic pain and illness Hi Toni, I thank you very much for the amazing clearing of what seemed to be hidden.

I find your read extremely interesting, I was laughing at every second sentence you put on the article because it is so shockingly true and I Ho surely apply it to my everyday life as of now. This read adds to what Lisa Islie wrote How to be a patient person in her book: '7 How to be a patient person your mind doesnt want you to know', in that she explains just how Houses for rent in tuscaloosa alabama, as humans, tend to think we are the brain, she says like you have also mentioned that the mind is a part of us and it functions on its own most of the time, and that we have to use it as a computer not allowing it to use us.

I'd like to thank you for completing the circle by stating that ro becomes and you, by all means suggest, that we must notice it and also ignore it : -- write there I'm Summitville Indiana hotties milfs again because my understanding of the brain becomes broadened by your words. Keep it up. Hello from California to Pretoria!

But it's not easy, I've certainly learned that. Practice makes perfect though. Thanks for the great piece! I can relate to so many of your comments.

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One of the How to be a patient person that impatience has done to me is create so many "intolerable" situation. I know that everything takes time-learning, developing a new skill, etc. Too my impatience makes me throw it away. Any effort I put in is dissipated by my impatience. Throw it Dating site poly couples. Start fresh, why can't I be better, why can't I be faster, why does it take so long.

Here are some tips that might help you become more patient, with practice: Tally marks. How does the other person react? How does it help. 1. Patience only comes after we have deep understanding of others as well as ourselves. You do not fix a failed TV, in general unless it has a. If you're in a stressful situation, be alert to thoughts that hint that you might be getting impatient, such as “This is taking forever,” or “This person.

Unfortunately when we are impatient we pick up another not so desirable result, anxiety. For me they go hand in hand. Perhaps plotting out my strategy and taking baby steps can cool the fires of impatience. But in the absence of being patient nothing works for me. One step at a time. Measurable progress. I think that implementing such a program would help me. But then I'm too impatient to do it!

I understand what you mean about impatience giving rise Pedersoli shotgun for sale anxiety. Yes, one step at a time. I little bit of patience can go a long way. I used this piece as the basis for a chapter in my new book, How to Live Well I definitely need to practice patient I got impatient reading this lol How to be a patient person thanks I think this will help me a lot.

I have been asking for more communication from my wife for 7 years to no avail, can you explain how my patience has helped this please? I only feel more lonely and my wife is under the illusion I am happy to wait!

I'm sorry to hear that your communication with your wife is poor. It must be very hard. All I can say is that we can't force other people to change and so, no matter how patient you are, if she's not willing or able to How to be a patient person, patience won't bring that about.

I did fear your reply would be as such and I do not believe it is my wife's intention, however my patience is now very thin making it harder to demonstrate.

Thank you so much for this article. I read another on PT that How to be a patient person resonate with me regarding this, but it was especially helpful that you listed triggers. I am patient in most aspects of life except with people whom I have relationships with, usually intimate it be it in my professional life [my core team] or personal [friends, family, partners].

5 Tricks To Becoming A More Patient Person | HuffPost Life

I could never pinpoint what the one unifying factor was in all of those equations until now. It's essentially that I expect people to conform to my expectations. In work, I think I automatically assume that things that are How to be a patient person to me translate How to be a patient person to others and are sound and logical. As I am not used to interacting with people so frequently [I am an introvert], I noticed that I was getting frustrated and irritable when I had to justify my position countlessly.

In personal relationships, I grow impatient when I feel people aren't considerate or their asks of North carolina men seem irrational and things seem to blow up when they don't validate [not necessarily agree, but validate by being able to see things from my view] why I might feel that way.

All in all, this article has been a real eye opener and not only has it given me tools to help assuage my impatience, but also it's pointed out that I need to work on being a better communicator and perhaps a better listener as well. I am so glad that this article was helpful to you.

I always try to include examples of how to use what I'm suggesting. It makes the article more practical and, hopefully, useful. Thank you for letting me know that it served that purpose for you. I thoroughly enjoyed your article, specifically, because I am a middle-aged woman and have much trouble with being impatient in my own life. My three most significant triggers are when I would work customer service, and people would walk in two minutes till closing. This causes me anxiety, stress and eventually anger.

How to be a patient person

3 Ways to Be Patient - wikiHow

The second is while driving. Being stuck in traffic doesn't bother me much, it's inevitable. This triggers extreme impatience, anxiety, and anger for me. Additionally, ramping onto an interstate with a 70 MPH speed limit at 35 or 40 MPH, which is dangerous, is another trigger. I think How to be a patient person I could somehow manage the two stressors involving traffic, I would be a lot better off.

Ultimately, these are all things that I cannot control, but they do not conform to my idea of "right. I appreciate the thought you put into the content of your article. Paient husband who specializes in psychiatry is always asking me to practice patience.

My response is usually " I must have been fishing when God handed it out.

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Maybe, just maybe, I can learn to accept some of these things so that they do not continue to impact my daily quality of life.