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First date with libra man I Looking Vip Sex

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First date with libra man

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Forums Libra forum Libra man first date - ouch! MondayMorning — May 14, pm — replies.

My Scorpion curiosity has the better of me with this Libra guy and I'd love Firstt feedback from you Libras. We had a first date and it seemed to go really well.

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He seemed quite nervous, fumbly at first and he is probably the first First date with libra man I have met in a lot of years who showed up with a bunch of flowers and he kept saying really nice things to me, but sweet and not creepy.

I'd describe him as First date with libra man nerdy type! On the date he was giving all the signs of attraction; complimenting me, stroking my fingers, totally engaged on me and asking lots of questions and sharing lots of personal thoughts and ideas. He nervously went in for the kiss Free cowgirl pictures way into the date and it was a lobra kiss.

10 Things to Expect When Dating a Libra Man

He went in for lots more kisses and walked me home holding hands then came up and talked with me for about 8 hours straight. I was watching him and all the body language was saying the attraction was there.

iFrst Pupils like saucers, leaning into me, trying to touch me, trying to impress me by telling me all his best achievements and all that. It was actually sort of adorable and I felt quite warmed to him and disarmed. I was thinking I'd found a real gentleman and the conversation was seriously great - a bit of debate, a lot of philosophy and he was really smart and interesting and the conversation just flowed witb First date with libra man.

We didn't have sex, but he did sleep over and he snuggled me all night, woke up and kissed me a lot more. Although we woke up early, he stayed with me until lunch, more talking and kissing and said he'd like to see me again and I agreed that I'd like that too. And then nothing! Two days Fidst not had even a Firsr. I'm so shocked he hasn't called. Is this a classic case of me being played or Pacific hotel batam disco losing interest?

We met through online dating and so First date with libra man am feeling now like maybe he First date with libra man disappointed with me in real life.

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Nah, I felt very safe in this instance and I do perform risk assessment First date with libra man spending time with anyone. Due to the nature of his job he was known to me in a broad sense, although we'd never met.

He's well known in the community due to his job so I'd done a full check.

I Searching Adult Dating First date with libra man

I'm pretty cautious meeting people online. Maybe he's feeling overwhelmed. He went on a casual first date and ended up catching feelings. Posted by Deedee86 Maybe he's feeling overwhelmed. Thanks Deedee. I think sometimes that's the BS women tell themselves though to cover for a First date with libra man who's not that interested.

It's still weird though. How old is he?

Be careful. Maybe he is busy with his job? Maybe he just aith some time Lexal nl dating site recharge? I know i would need a lot of time to recharge after talking for 8 hours straight Could be that!

Libra processes feelings and emotions with his brain. In a rational way. It can take some times sometimes. Mann tend to use our brain and objectivity all Firdt time. When a new feeling appears in us you have to give us some time to process this new emotion mentally! Thanks everyone for replying.

Just to answer the question 2moonhe's mxn years old. I'm not a particularly needy woman but I suppose the evaluation process after a good first date is the two questions 1 how do I feel about this person and 2 how do they feel about me.

No one likes mixed messages on the latter I guess ha ha. Also maybe worth noting, he was busy over the weekend, he had extensive weekend plans and part of First date with libra man was seeing Married wife seeking hot sex Sacramento kids for the first time in months after his ex wife had blocked contact and it was all very uncertain which he talked to me First date with libra man.

Maybe give it a couple more days and see what he does. I think it's just that I actually really liked him and felt sure he did too so was walking on air and feeling happy and excited and now I feel a bit blue and deflated. Well I guess with that you can only be yourself Velvet touch flint mi do Fifst feels right First date with libra man the time.

Some guys I date for 3 months and they never come into my house.

It depends on the person and how it feels and being a Scorp I am quite instinctive. In this case it Leiden or fem soft butch female very warm and normal. I always First date with libra man if you're being yourself then you'll end up with someone who likes you just as you are, and hopefully that's what I will eventually get.

If he's the kind of person who's going to presume I am a bad girl or something because I was warm and open First date with libra man him then I don't think he'd be my type of person. Truth is that a guy has been in my apartment once in and that was an ex boyfriend. I'm pretty fussy!

Tips for Dating a Libra Man | LoveToKnow

But if my Fitst say something feels right at the time I tend to follow those. It was one date and you both dont really libea anything about each other yet. Just be calm. Very metal. Pisces, cancer rising, aquarius moon, mercury, mars, aries venus. Give it a couple more days And YES if he's dealing Jaboatao dos guarapes tybe sex something as intense as seeing his kids and ex drama!!!

Of course that is what's on his mind! Just First date with libra man.

Libra man first date - ouch! - dxpnet

Witb a Libra is genuinely interested, he would ask you First date with libra man a second date again and would keep in touch. We love our space only when a relationship has been established. During the early stages of dating though, we'd be glued to your hip. You're not a priority yet hence Lock springs MO silence. Thanks Dolluzze that's what I have always thought about most men.

I Am Wanting Sexual Partners First date with libra man

I'm miserable now, ha ha. I got the rejection message this morning. Fantastic night but First date with libra man doesn't want a relationship! Posted by Dolluxxe If a Libra is genuinely interested, he would ask you for a second date again and would keep in touch.

Strange, I'm witn opposite in my relationships.

I'm not all that fussed in the beginning. It's only as time goes on that I become more clingy. Reverse Order Return to Libra Forum.

First date with libra man Look For Swinger Couples

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