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Evansville craigslist org

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Time for the deals!

I could pretty well turn up at any muscle car meet and with this paint job, nobody is going to snuff their nose at the slant six sitting beneath that hood scoop.

Keeping up with the theme Evansville craigslist org the pseudo-muscle we have this Dodge Aspen. This car has a and enough of a roadkill look to make me orh to get a loan and Housewives looking nsa Walnut Park another project to my garage.

Fortunately for me, the bank would never approve that loan for a part time working college student. But goodnight look at the potential for a Evansville craigslist org sled. Maybe throw on some white walls but this thing looks absolutely magnificent even as it sits right now.

My craibslist body style of the impala sitting right at the tippy top of the price range for this challenge. I just want it, and I bet a lot of you all Evansville craigslist org too.

I think the javelin is one of the best, if not the best designed muscle cars ever built.

Muscle cars do not, at least to me look fast from a design standpoint. This would Evansville craigslist org my mind be the ultimate project car hauler. Or would it be a project car, hauler?

Regardless it comes with the endless cool factor of a flathead V8. What I think would probably be the only comfortable car on this list we have a Mercedes.

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Evansville craigslist org And this thing looks immaculate. I would drive this anywhere in absolute orb until the vacuum operated features begin to fail as well as my dreams of owning a completely functioning old Mercedes.

What I believe is the ugliest car in this list but for some reason I really really Evansville craigslist org it. The seller seems optimistic with the potential this car this car has at craitslist drag strip but if I were piloting this barge, my 60 foot would be one of the last of my concerns.

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While I would be concerned about the motor only being in the break in phase, these late model 2nd gen Camaros are a pretty Evansville craigslist org buy in to classic muscle. Now this craigskist what I call an epic find.

But a Reatta convertible with less miles than dollars on its price tag. Maybe you can knock a few dollars off the price and get Evansville craigslist org dents fixed and go for a nice cruise in your Evansvville almost 30 year old Buick convertible.

Having a straight six in a classic mustang seems oddly right to me instead of Evansville craigslist org swapping in a or a like every other early mustang on the market. They are both absolutely gorgeous examples of Japan putting out brilliant small coupes.

There it is! Take it easy and get looking for your own cars to compete in the10Kchallenge!

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Deadpool Cam's much sexier twin Official Dem The Dirty Baker's Dozen the10Kchallenge. Sort by Best Sort by Latest.

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