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Define marriage as a social institution

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The Anscombe Society believes that the institution of marriage is integral to the existence of the family. We believe that marriage is a social as well as personal good, contributing to the health and happiness of both insittution and their children. Scientific evidence from a variety of fields as well as human experience have shown that any deviation from this Define marriage as a social institution is harmful, even if sometimes unpreventable—as in the case of death.

It is still more harmful when this variation challenges the institution of marriage itself, as in the unstitution of same-sex unions and Define marriage as a social institution divorce. The Anscombe Society recognizes the new social and political conditions which cause these challenges, but looks to further a holistic understanding of marriage that respects its traditional role in society.

Family and Marriage The Anscombe Society believes that the intact, stable family is the most fundamental unit of society.

It is a social contract of two opposite sexes for the satisfaction of physical, biological, social, psychological and spiritual needs of males and females.

It leads to the formation of family and the procreation of children. Sexual relationship and production of children are the basic aim of marriage.

It is a Latin word which means the connection of two opposite human sexes for the satisfaction of basic needs.

In simple words marriage is an institution which ties of husband and wife to fulfill their desired needs like sex satisfaction to bring children and fulfill social and psychological needs of both male and female.