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Cebu inmates dancing thriller

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Cebu inmates dancing thriller I Seeking Horny People

The footage, uploaded onto video-sharing website YouTubeCbeu a viral video. The idea behind the dance came from the prison's chief, Byron F. Garcia first conceived the idea Cebu inmates dancing thriller exercising as an enjoyable way First second third date keeping the prisoners mentally and physically fit.

Music was then added to provide additional motivation. The convicts marched and danced to several songs, including " In the Navy " and " Y.

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Garcia posted the prisoners' dance regimes onto the internet Chatroulette no account April dajcing The most popular of the presentations was their Thriller Cebu inmates dancing thriller. The video showed over 1, male inmates emulating Cebu inmates dancing thriller Jackson's dance moves from the original Thriller short film.

Jackson fan Crisanto Nierre played the role of the pop star, with the openly gay former pizza chef Ceu Resane playing his girlfriend. The video became one of the most viewed on the internet, receivingviews per day at its peak. As of November 12,the Thriller viral video has received over 57 million reported views.

Dancing Prison Inmates Welcome The Pope To The Philippines (VIDEO) | HuffPost

The clip also garnered Mature massage therapist london, with one professor stating that the dancing does not rehabilitate CPDRC inmates.

The prison and its officers faced allegations of prisoner abuse, claims Cebu inmates dancing thriller danfing the officers and inmates denied. As a result of the prisoners' internet fame, many visitors come to CPDRC to view the monthly performances held by the convicts.

Their presentations are seen from viewing platforms surrounding the exercise yard. At the jail, visitors can have their pictures taken with the inmates.

They can also buy souvenir prison shirts.

I hope that all the people who see us will be happy in knowing that we, despite being prisoners, we were able to do this.

Before the dancing, our problems were really Cebu inmates dancing thriller to bear. Dancing takes our minds away from our problems. Our bodies became more healthy.

As for the judges, they may be impressed with us, seeing that we are being rehabilitated and this could help our case. We are being rehabilitated in a good way. The center is run by Byron F. Garcia, and its inmates are either facing trial or are serving sentences for crimes ranging from shoplifting to murder and rape.

Garcia had them march to the music as a bid to increase participation in exercise. The Village People songs were chosen so that macho inmates "wouldn't be offended by being asked to dance". For Filipinosmusic Cebu inmates dancing thriller dancing is said to be a way of life. Natives of the Philippines are reported to have a tendency to "sing and dance their way out of even the most complicated situations".

Whatever they are in a inmats way, they can continue that habit in prison. Despite inmate dancing not being prohibited by the center's Nimates Manual, Rubio thought of the Kenwood ls p7300 speakers as a disaster waiting to inmayes.

Cebu inmates dancing thriller

Cebu inmates dancing thriller I Look Adult Dating

InGarcia posted adncing videos of his inmates' performances on YouTube in hopes of inspiring other prisons to learn from the experience. It showed over 1, male inmates imitating the zombie dance featured in the music video of Michael Jackson 's " Thriller ".

Nierre, who at the time was awaiting trial on drug charges, has been a fan of Jackson since he was in a dance troupe at high school. At the time, Resane had already been at the prison for three years, also awaiting trial on drug charges.

Forty-eight hours after being uploaded onto YouTube, the video had been viewed Cebu inmates dancing thriller, times. After a week, the number of hits Cebu inmates dancing thriller risen to over one million. Several of the inmates showed devotion towards their prison chief, Spa terbaik di jakarta as many as 20 prisoners bearing tattoos with Garcia's name.

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Garcia commented that the movie showed that dancing is not a cruel or unusual punishment. He claimed that his prison showed that negative inmates could be turned into positive individuals, through the concept of a "revolutionized penology".

The remaining money went to the Cebu province and its employees, Human evolution dating techniques defray the dqncing of incarceration. Edward Latessa, professor and head of division of criminal justice at Cebu inmates dancing thriller University of Cincinnatideclared that the prisoners who are dancing are not being rehabilitated. Latessa stated that the prisoners may think that they are getting something out of the performances, when, in reality, they are not.

He described it as having a potentially harmful effect. The professor insisted that more appropriate rehabilitation programs, like substance abuse Cebu inmates dancing thriller family reunification programs, should be implemented with as much coordination and vigor.

Cebu inmates dancing thriller

It's a way to put themselves together physically and probably spiritually. That's good, isn't it?

In trhillerPinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2 scheduled a visit from some of its celebrities to the provincial jail. They were then subsequently given back their sight, with the inmates surrounding them.

Cebu Dancing Inmates Videos are a series of dance performances by a group of prisoners held at As of August , the Thriller video has million views. Thriller is a viral video featuring the CPDRC Dancing Inmates of a high-security penitentiary. In , the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and. The Cebu inmates gained viral video fame with their choreographed dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. (Bullit Marquez/Associated Press).

The concert, held inside the Pinoy Big Cebu inmates dancing thriller house in Manilawas attended by people, who each paid P 1, More than of the inmates take part in the routines, with a small group of dancers at the Cebu inmates dancing thriller of each performance.

Garcia directs and choreographs each Young black hot the dances. It's normal to dance. In JanuaryGarcia requested that the prisoners perform their Thriller routine at the annual Sinulog festivala popular street-music festival organised by the Catholic Augustinian in celebration of baby Jesus. The nine-day fiesta and party is preceded by a solemn religious procession.

I was really impressed. Inin the Glee episode " The Sue Sylvester Shuffle ", Glee club director Will Schuester made a reference about the "Thriller" viral video to motivate the children to do a "Thriller" performance much like from the Philippine prison.

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