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Ampeg svt serial number dating

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All three versions of switches were used in both plastic, both black metal, one chrome and the other black metal.

The chassis featured a standby interlock for part of only. The cutout was located between the standby switch and the external amp jack.

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Ampeg serial numbers started around However, Ampeg serial number dating is undocumented and very difficult. On vintage SVT's, the newest date code on the unit is usually the four digit white ink stamp on the large output transformer.

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The first two numbers indicate the year, the third and fourth numbers indicate the production week of that year. Example: means Cat good home transformer made in the 37th week Ampeg svt serial number dating Other codes to determine the manufacture date: The other large power transformer and the adjacent smaller filament transformer should both have six digit codes stamped into the metal.

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The first three digits indicate the company's personal manufacturing code. The fourth number indicates the year.

Potentiometers are also date encoded. There is a seven digit code stamped into the metal.

The fourth and fifth numbers indicate the year. The sixth and seventh numbers indicate which week of that year.

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