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Every guest will be provided with two prostitutes, unlimited food and alcohol, All inclusive sex vacations a bevy of raunchy activities to fulfill their fantasies. A tourist has lifted the lid on a debauched sex island vacation where Brits and Americans romp with Colombian hookers and use experimental drugs.

Ryan, 33, a dentist from New York, revealed how the orgies began just minutes after the 30 guests boarded a luxury yacht taking them and 60 hookers to the private tropical island. The All inclusive sex vacations father-of-two also told how drugs and sexual stimulants were freely available, and how every man was allowed an hour with 15 girls all at once.

Most were professional guys, doctors, lawyers, aged between 25 and Half of them were married. There were All inclusive sex vacations nerds from Silicon Valley who had never done this kind of thing before and were nervous at the beginning.

There were Australians and Canadians, and a lot of Americans," se added. A guest says the raunchy festivities began as soon as he got All inclusive sex vacations the yacht to the island.

As we got on we were handed drinks and people started to loosen up.

Each man had to All inclusive sex vacations the two girls who would keep them company during the entire trip. Akl on the island, the guests were taken with their two hookers to their rooms, which had giant beds, in a luxury five-star hotel. But of course the men were all just interested in one thing.

For more, continue reading the original article at The Sun. Read more content from The Sun here.

Controversial 'sex island' making a comeback 'Sex Island', an alleged drug-fueled orgy vacation offering unlimited sex with prostitutes, is making a comeback despite sparking a backlash last year.